The partnership with the Bavarian manufacturer has been renewed

News – October 2023

The first delivery of units for electrical power distribution and fuse protection for the BMW 7 Series dates back to around 10 years ago.

Today, MTA's partnership with the Bavarian car manufacturer has led to the development of new projects and the supply of 3 new control units for a large number of models of the Group. 


Two units are equipped with busbars and are based on the same concept from a few years ago, with new fuses with compact dimensions that allow space advantages. 

The third control unit is realized with a hybrid busbar/PCB solution which makes it a very versatile product. An interesting peculiarity of this product is the presence of a noise absorber on the PCB which houses the relay connected to the rear window wiper. This component was specifically developed by MTA for BMW who wanted it to reduce the switch noise of the relay itself.


For the BMW M5, the manufacturer found in one of our off-the-shelf products the right solution for its requirements, without the need for a new development. We are talking about a module that houses a MegaCompact, a fuse with reduced dimensions and weight, exclusive from MTA.



Power Distribution Units


MTA Power Distribution Units allow power distribution and the protection of primary and non primary services.

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