Medium and high voltage solutions

For some years now, MTA has been developing and producing components suitable for 48 V and up to 800 V electrical architectures to support the most energy-demanding systems.


High voltage solutions

MTA develops and produces HV PDUs, both for 400 V and 800 V rated systems: from the main disconnection unit, provided with high voltage contactors and placed inside the battery pack that disconnects the battery from the rest of the vehicle, to the secondary high voltage fuse-boxes for the auxiliary devices, to specific critical line management units like fast charge disconnection units.
HV PDUs can integrate electric power devices and electronic controls or sensor management devices, with different communication possibilities to the vehicle system.
They are plug & play components and meet all state-of-the-art requirements and specifications.


Medium voltage solutions

MTA has developed a dedicated range of fuses, fuse holders and power distribution units to support the 48 V electrical systems of electric and hybrid cars.



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High voltage power distribution unit


Waterproof 48 V PDU with 1 MegaVal


Waterproof 48 V PDU with 2 MegaVal

Waterproof 48 V PDU with 1 MidiVal and 1 MegaVal/1shunt

Waterproof 48 V PDU with 1 MidiVal and 1 MegaVal/1 shunt

36 mm pitch MidiVal