MTA for the safety of 100% electric trucks

News – April 2024

MTA takes an important step into the American truck market and the electrification field. A well- known German American manufacturer of commercial vehicles has in fact awarded our company for the supply of a pyro module to be delivered to heavy and medium zero emission trucks.

Mounted under the dashboard in the cabin, the pyro module is mainly composed of a battery switch and a squib-type connector and has the function of disconnecting the electrical system in the event of an accident. In fact, if the airbag is triggered, the squib connector linked to it immediately activates the battery switch.

The module is supplied with lid and already assembled. Great attention was paid by our company to ensure high resistance to vibrations, shocks, corrosion and chemical agents, in accordance with the specific characteristics required by the customer during the design phase.

For this supply, the winning was the synergistic action between our two sites in North America, MTA USA and MTA Mexico. In fact, our front office in Chicago gave constant commercial technical support to the manufacturer, while MTA Mexico is where the module is assembled.



Power Distribution Units

MTA Power Distribution Units allow power distribution and the protection of primary and non primary services.