HMPDC, a versatile electric distribution center for FCA Latam

The modular and hybrid power distribution center will be mounted on the new Fiat Strada


News – January 2021


The collaboration between FCA Latam and MTA has been active for several years. In particular, in the last four, we have worked closely to bring a new product to the market: the HMPDC, a modular and hybrid power distribution unit mounted on the Fiat Strada, the all-Brazilian pick-up that has experienced a boom in sales exceeding all expectations.

The HMPDC is a scalable solution composed of a pre-fuses box with power busbar and of hard-wired or PCB modules allowing flexible and versatile combinations according to different architectures.

Smaller space available and high temperatures in the engine compartment made it necessary to develop new technologies in order to get benefits in terms of price/cost reduction and fuel efficiency. From this need comes the use of a new family of fuses (Compact fuses developed and homologated by MTA) and electronic integration.

The result is a new PDC smaller than the current ones.


Pre-fuse boxes
The pre-fuse boxes house last generation clinched fuses: the MegaCompact. According to the configuration needed in the vehicle, the quantity and the amperages change. MTA also developed a new series of power ring terminals with mechanical polarization to prevent mismating problems. Fuse, shunt and busbar are handled individually and this allows to industrialize a large number of combinations of multi fuses that can be matched with the new product developments.

Electric distribution center with pre-fuse boxes
Pre-fuse boxes
Electric distribution center with modules

There are four different hard-wired modules fed from the pre-fuse box through a busbar. All of these modules house MTA MaxiCompact and M8Compact fuses. Each module is provided with a secondary lock and terminals manufactured by MTA.


PCB with soldered relays and pins
A module with PCB technology has been developed for more extended architectures. The PCB houses contacts assembled with press-fit technology and is populated with plug-in fuses, relays and SMT components. The power is fed from the prefuse box through the busbar.

Electric distribution center with PCB module
PCB Module

R&D and production in Brazil 
Research & Development of all HMPDC components was implemented in MTA Brasil. The entire production process also takes place in Brazil where the molding of plastics, the blanking of metals and the assembly of components are carried out. The same is true for press-fit and SMT processes for PCB modules. On-site production makes it possible to react quickly and easily to any customer request.


Annual Supplier Conference & Award
FCA Latam has awarded its best suppliers to incentivize the local production of auto components. MTA Brasil won the award in the "Innovation" category thanks to the HMPDC electric distribution center.

Fiat strada with MTA electric distribution center