MTA and Tata Motors, an ever-closer collaboration

MTA supplies modular fuse and relay boxes to trucks and buses

News – February 2021

MTA has been in long-term business association with Tata Motors supporting the company for both passenger car and commercial vehicle business units. In fact, the plant set up in Pune in 2009 was born to serve Tata as major customer. During this last decade, MTA developed many different products thanks to the work done by our sales people in India always in close cooperation with Tata Motors Research & Development team.

In 2005 Tata pioneered the small commercial vehicle industry with the launch of Tata Ace and is now the leader in this category with 2.2 million commercial vehicles rolled out so far. To Tata Ace BS6 MTA is supplying 3, 4 and 5-way modular fuse boxes in six different configurations with MegaVal and MidiVal fuses. These versatile and easy to be mounted modular fuse boxes give the customer an important help to solve any problem linked to allocation inside the vehicle.

Frame with fuse/relay modules for Tata
Frame with fuse/relay modules
Modular fuse boxes and battery unit for Tata
Modular fuse boxes and battery unit

Tata is a leader in the light commercial vehicle and medium & heavy commercial vehicle markets too. For these two vehicle groups, and particularly for Ultra and Prima models, MTA R&D has worked to adapt its 4, 5 and 12-way frames to be mounted horizontal in various platforms of BS6+ trucks and buses. Together with the frames, MTA is delivering six different types of fuse-relay modules and related terminals.

In the near future, for its bus platform, Tata will use MTA battery unit, both in its right and left version, with battery terminals in Z axis. This battery distribution unit has compact dimensions which make it versatile and easy to be placed.

Tata bus and trucks


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