A next generation fuse for 48V electrical architectures

MTA News – March 2018


Since the traditional 12V system is no longer sufficient to power the many electrical and electronic systems that are increasingly crowding modern vehicles, numerous OEMs are introducing a 48V system.

The 12V power supply will remain delegated to traditional tasks, while the 48V will support the most energy-intensive systems that require greater power. The use of voltage that is four times higher in this second system also makes it possible to limit currents in play while continuing to provide adequate power, and this offers another great advantage: reducing wiring gauge with consequent positive effects in terms of weight, bulk, and costs.

Our company has therefore set up a dedicated team that is working to investigate and identify all possible changes associated with 48V electrical architectures, both in terms of fuses and fuse boxes. As part of this research, we have developed a new fuse in the MidiVal® range for applications on 48V systems, with mechanical polarization to prevent improper replacement.



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