"Produce, in a complete cycle from design through full-scale production, electronic and electromechanical components for the automotive industry, offering customers, looking for a reliable and flexible partner, our competence and cooperation".


MTA's primary business stems from the world's largest vehicles’ manufacturers, a business with an always upward trend thanks to our approach that brings us into close contact with our customers, putting our know-how at their disposal in order to satisfy their needs. Whether it is a question of developing new ideas or meeting an unexpected production requirement, our customers know that they can count on MTA.


The company

A leading company in the design and production of electrical and electronic components for the leading manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural vehicles and earthmoving machines.
The company was founded in 1954 in Codogno by the Falchetti family, which still guides it today. MTA has 2 production units in Italy, (Codogno and Rolo) and 8 foreign sites abroad.