Electric modules become “intelligent”

News – January 2023

MTA’s offer for Off-the-shelf products which can be customised according to the specific application they are intended for, has grown.

The MEC 97 and the Maxi-MEC, designed for the engine compartment, and the C-MEC 138, for installation in the cabin, are plug & play Modular Electric Centers with a press-fit PCB specifically designed for agriculture and construction applications.

They have a rational design, compact dimensions and allow to integrate all the functions in one piece, thus eliminating the need of using different modules and associated wirings. The vehicle is therefore lightened from costly and heavy modules and cables, the wiring layout is simplified and the assembly time reduced.

The MECs have different customisation levels and, for example, for different fuses/relays configuration, a simple replacement of a mask is enough.

MEC 97, Maxi-MEC, C-MEC 138
CAN Module

Today, faced with the request of many customers who need to use a CAN Bus line, MTA is developing a CAN Module Plug-in, which can drive the MEC’s relays by CAN Bus, to make these products even more performing.  

This way the Modular Electric Centers will become “Smart Modular Electric Centers”.  

The CAN Module Plug-in, will connect the Modular Electric Centers with the CAN Bus line to generate the actuations needed.  

The CAN Bus Module can be programmed through MTA Studio, like MTA customizable dashboards, displays and ECUs. This represents a great advantage for those already using some MTA products, allowing to obtain the best synergies.



Off-the-shelf Power Distribution Units


Designated for heavy duty power distribution and main electric services protection, MTA PDUs are developed based on a modular design concept for the utmost versatility.


Customizable Power Distribution Units