MTA Press-Fit PCB


Clean, risk-free connections


For all new units with printed circuit boards, for many years now MTA has adopted solderless connection technology based on press-fitting a contact into a metalized through-hole in the PCB. This technology is characterized by good conductivity and superior mechanical strength and will make it possible in the future to equip all electronic boards with clean connections without the hazards of soldering.

This technology is therefore perfect for the printed circuit boards increasingly found in modern vehicles, which are full of electronic systems dedicated to safety, infotainment, and driver assistance, requiring extremely reliable electrical connections. Not to mention the fact that they often operate in extreme temperatures, dust, humidity, and chemicals.


Today there are eight Press-Fit lines in MTA sites around the world and they are located in Italy, Slovakia, Morocco, Brazil, and China. We have two different types: one to ensure very high productivity when the numbers require it, the other more suitable for lower volumes as it allows greater flexibility, ensuring shorter setup times.

Both types have a control system for all parameters such as:
• Adaptation to the thickness of the printed circuit board.
Strict control of the force and insertion height of each individual terminal.
• 100% optical inspection of the dimensional compliance of the terminals, and especially the GAPs of the Forks where fuses and relays are inserted.
• Complete data traceability of each individual inserted terminal associated with each individual product.

→ Press-Fit lines are in Italy, Brazil, Slovakia, China and Morocco.

Press-Fit Technology
Optical inspection