48 V electrical distribution centers for Ghibli Hybrid

MTA News – December 2020


For the first hybrid in its history, the Ghibli Hybrid, Maserati has created an innovative powertrain that combines a combustion engine, a 4-cylinder 2.0 turbo, with a 48 V alternator and an additional eBooster. Ghibli Hybrid represents the first step on a path that will lead to the electrification of all new Maserati models, and it is immediately recognizable for the new design that involves both internal and external details. The common denominator is the blue color, chosen to connote the details of the cars affected by hybrid technology and to identify this new world.

Ghibli Hybrid therefore represents a unique solution in its segment, for which the house of the trident has decided to rely on our company. We have in fact developed two 48 V electrical distribution centers, intended for the protection of some of the main appliances.


The first unit, placed in the trunk compartment, houses MTA 48 V fuses to protect the cable connected to the DC-DC converter and the power cable of the second unit. It is also equipped with external pins, one of which is used for connecting the system to the 48 V battery.

The second unit, located in the engine compartment, is equipped with MTA 48 V fuses too. It protects the 48 V eBooster and the system to be connected to the BSG (Belt Driven Starter Generator), which is responsible for recharging the system.

The supply is completed by a fuse holder, with 250 A MegaVal, to protect the connection cable of the traditional 12 V battery to the DC-DC converter.