A 24 V dashboard for Anadolu Isuzu Trucks

MTA News – January 2020


After several OE wins, Revo Plus has gained a new customer with its supply to Anadolu Isuzu who has in fact decided to adopt the dashboard for the NPR10, NPR3D and TORA models, 3 trucks produced in Turkey for local and European markets and intended to be used for waste disposal.

For this supply, the dashboard has been adapted to 24 V to meet the heavy-duty requirements of these applications.
Revo Plus is an off-the-shelf high-level dashboard featuring a central 4.3" color TFT and 32 telltales. This feature has been crucial for the customer’s choice because it has allowed the displaying of different important information. First of all the one related to the new Advanced Engineering Braking System (AEBS), now mandatory on trucks with more than 3.5 tons, together with other information coming for example from the brake system pressure monitoring, the rear-view camera and the diagnostic system.

Other important reasons why Anadolu Isuzu chose Revo Plus are the fact that the dashboard was able to work harmonically with the rest of the vehicle systems, given that the trucks were already in production, and the ability of our resident commercial and technical staff. In fact, they were able to support Anadolu Isuzu during all the phases of product development, until the start of production. Anadolu Isuzu was able to easily tailor the software according to its specific needs through MTA Studio® tool and to complete it in less than one year.



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