Cluster Idea gets onto the smartest tractor in the world

The instrument panel with 7" TFT supplied to Monarch for the 100% electric tractor with totally autonomous driving functions


Monarch, a young American company founded at the end of 2019, is going to launch into the agriculture market a futuristic tractor. A 100% electric vehicle and the first in its sector with totally autonomous driving functions. Monarch has found in MTA the ideal partner for such a sophisticated machine, and awarded us for the supply of the dashboard. The choice fell on Idea, an off-the-shelf dashboard equipped with a basic software then implemented by Monarch through MTA Studio®, according to the specific operational needs of the vehicle.

Idea is a very robust display and has an IP66 degree of protection, making it perfect for agriculture. The information coming from the various systems of the machine are displayed on a 7” TFT glued to the front glass by optical bonding. Around the TFT we find 18 high-efficiency LED indicators, whose graphics have been customized for Monarch, through a special screen printing.


The tractor

The Monarch tractor paved the way for the digital transformation of the agricultural world thanks to intelligent technology and unprecedented safety functions, the result of an activity that involved farmers, engineers and scientists to concretely respond to the current needs of the sector. The result is a zero-emission tractor, able to operate with or without the driver. Monarch uses state-of-the-art software and hardware for this purpose, capable of both assisting the driver and replacing him completely. The safety functions are also at the top, with for example anti-roll and anti-collision systems, as well as 360 ° cameras that allow to use the tractor even at night. The tractor is able to collect and analyze over 240 GB of crop data which, once processed, can provide real-time information to improve some activities and in the long run to understand the health of the soil. Finally, via smartphone or tablet, the user can receive alerts, climate updates, crop reports, and much more...



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