Renault crash-test-proof units

News – January 2023

MTA has reconfirmed its historic partnership with Renault, developing an innovative power distribution and utility protection unit for the new Renault Trafic, the multi-purpose commercial vehicle that combines comfort and convenience. 

Our R&D department had to deal with several complexities related to the integration of the unit. In fact, it was split into Primary and Secondary units, both located on the battery in order to meet the requirements of Euro NCAP regarding crash tests. 
This also made it possible to orient and optimize wiring in two different directions, all to the benefit of today's increasingly tight spaces. 

The Primary unit houses 1 MidiVal fuse and 2 MegaCompact fuses and is connected to the positive battery terminal via Go/No-go terminal. In contrast, the Secondary unit, located on the battery side, houses 7 MidiVal, 2 MegaCompact, and 1 MiniVal fuses. All fuses in the units are MTA-made, indeed the MidiVal clinched fuses were specifically developed for this application.

The unit for the Renault Trafic is produced at MTA Slovakia where plastic molding and assembly take place.

The Primary (top) and the Secondary (bottom) PDUs
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