MTA gets the legality rating

MTA News – May 2022


We are proud to announce the achievement of an important result for MTA S.p.A.: the awarding, granted by the AGCM (the Italian Competition and Market Authority) of a legality rating with a score of ★★++, just a step away from the maximum score of 3 stars. 
MTA is therefore registered in the public list of companies with a legality rating held by the AGCM.

The legality rating is a synthetic indicator of a company’s compliance with high standards of legality and thorough attention paid to lawful business management. The purpose of the rating is to reward companies that comply with the law, are transparent and operate according to sound ethical principles, allowing access to specific advantages and benefits regarding reputation, granting of loans by Public Administrations and access to credit. 

Click to view the notification of attribution by the AGCM in pdf format.