A 48 V unit for Renault and Dacia Mild Hybrid vehicles

News – November 2023

An important project developed and produced for the Renault Group makes our company an increasingly important player in the field of vehicle hybridization: a power distribution and utility protection unit for the 48 V architectures of the manufacturer’s Mild Hybrid range. The first car equipped with this technology was Renault Austral, followed by Dacia Duster, Renault Kangoo, and Dacia Jogger to name just a few. These models combine a 48 V electric motor with a gasoline or diesel engine.

The unit we developed is located in the engine compartment and is connected on one side to the 48 V battery and on the other side to the Belt Starter Generator (BSG), a system that replaces the starter motor and alternator in Mild Hybrid vehicles.

The product is supplied in three variants that differ in the number of MidiVal 48 V clinched fuses, manufactured by us, and in the orientation of the connectors. 

The 48 V unit is produced at our MTA Morocco plant, where plastic molding and assembly take place, and is then sent directly to Renault.

This supply further consolidates our company's longstanding partnership with the manufacturer, which over the years has led to the development of many units intended for traditional electric architectures as well as the new frontiers of hybridization and electrification.

Renault Austral - ® Copyright Renault


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