A greener future

MTA News – March 2022


The focus on the people who work at all of our sites and the surrounding environment has always been a priority for the group.
Following a careful analysis of the energy consumption of its various activities, we have identified critical points and opportunities for savings, therefore foreseeing to implement several measures aimed at improving our efficiency. 

For the production departments of all locations where compressed air is used we’ve planned to install latest-generation compressors capable of meeting the same requirements for pressurized air with significantly lower power consumption. In addition to the savings, we must also consider the recovery of the thermal energy from compression that will be transferred to the heat pumps serving the heating system.


For sites with a plastic molding department – Italy, Brazil, Slovakia and Morocco – we’ve arranged to replace the existing fluorinated gas chillers with high-efficiency ammonia chillers. In addition to improving efficiency, the use of ammonia refrigeration units reduces the use of gases considered harmful to the ozone layer. The new machines are also equipped with thermal recovery exchangers to warm the water used in the departments' heating systems.

Many of our sites are equipped with solar panels to reduce electricity consumption, while our Italian site in Rolo has been designed to be autonomous. In fact, the solar panels there largely meet the facility’s needs and the excess electricity is fed back into the grid. In general, we are also insulating building exteriors where necessary, and fully upgrading summer and winter air conditioning systems and hot water generation systems.

But MTA's contribution to the environment isn’t just about reducing emissions, it’s also about increasing CO₂ absorption capacity. Since as we all know this is something that trees do very well, we have decided to increase the number of plants in our already-large gardens in order to further expand these green lungs



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