About MTA

MTA's history started almost seven decades ago and is now in its third entrepreneurial generation. Nowadays the company has become established as a global player and a successful enterprise model.


Steadfast commitment and forward-looking policies enabled MTA to gain a leading position in a complex global market that rewards only those companies that have the capability of innovating their products, technology and resources. 
The focus of management has always been on ensuring the quality of products, the environment and interpersonal relations

MTA's success has been built on its expertise developed over the years, a continued search for innovation, and the ability to relate to customers to ensure they receive proper technical support throughout the product development process, from start-up through to product engineering. 


The company

A leading company in the design and production of electrical and electronic components for the leading manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural vehicles and earthmoving machines.
The company was founded in 1954 in Codogno by the Falchetti family, which still guides it today. MTA has 2 production units in Italy, (Codogno and Rolo) and 8 foreign sites abroad.


MTA Group

In 2021, MTA acquired an 80% stake in EDN, an Italian Company leader in the design and manufacturing of power electronics – OBCs (On-Board Battery Chargers), DC/DC Converters and Inverters – for electric and hybrid vehicles.



Let us invite you in MTA: watch this video to find out more about us.