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News – January 2023

The Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS&RR and the Tiger 1200 GT and Rally stand out for their high technological standards. This is due to the introduction of a series of advanced features, designed to improve riding conditions and to offer unique advantages in terms of safety, comfort and control. This is also ensured by the dashboards developed specifically for the two bikes: a 5” Full TFT display for the Speed Triple RS&RR and a 7” Full TFT display for the Tiger 1200.


The two dashboards display all the information output from the on-board computer and thanks to a series of latest generation features, offer a unique riding experience:
➜Innovative operating system for accessing and managing the My Triumph Connectivity System, which provides turn-by-turn navigation, music, phone and GoPro control. 
➜ 6 different screens with adjustable high and low brightness settings.
➜ 2 classic Bluetooth channels for connecting smartphones and earphones
➜ 2 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) channels for GoPro camera and future connectivity additions
➜ Bluetooth integration in the dashboard, which means there is no need for an external module

5” Full TFT display for the Speed Triple 1200

Speed Triple 1200

Speed Triple 1200 RS is a naked sports bike designed from the ground up to offer an absolute revolution in terms of power, performance, handling and technology. Its offshoot, the Speed Triple 1200 RR, has more of a racing soul, which is evident from some of the decidedly sporty technical modifications.


Tiger 1200
Tiger 1200 is available in two versions: the GT, with the look and characteristics of a road bike and the Rally, which has a more off-road soul. The different configurations, base model, Pro and Explorer are all designed to offer a customized experience for every motorcyclist.

7” Full TFT display for the Tiger 1200
Speed Triple 1200 - © Copyright Triumph Motorcycles
Tiger 1200 - © Copyright Triumph Motorcycles


Human machine interface


MTA designs and manufactures dashboards and displays supplied to car, motorcycle and off-road vehicle manufacturers using state-of-the-art design tools and components.