MTA Electronics – Rolo

MTA Rolo is considered a top-notch centre focused on automotive electronic applications, working with forefront modelling, simulation and graphic generation systems. This department is divided in different divisions focused on dashboards, displays and control systems design and product quality. In MTA Rolo, production too has reached very high process standards with latest generation assembly machines, and highly advanced tracking system. Cutting edge hardware and software systems like those used by world leading electronic manufacturers, ensure traceability for each individual installed component in each product. The whole manufacturing area is an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) and is equipped with special devices that prevent electrostatic charge build-upon people.

Today, about 275 people work in MTA Electronics.

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How to reach us

Via Dell'Ecologia, 3
42047 Rolo (RE)



Tel. +39 0522 1827201
Fax. +39 0522 1827266