C-MEC 138

Cabin-Modular Electrical Center with PCB

MTA News – September 2019


For many years MTA has been a leading company in the field of electrical protection for the automotive market, and in particular for the off-highway sector. MTA has expanded its traditional range of wired products to include the alternative with PCB, a technology that allows it to perform the same functions as wired units with the advantage of optimizing cables, facilitating assembly in production lines, and direct supply to the manufacturer which can install the unit directly on the car.

The MEC 97 unit with PCB made with press-fit, a technology that MTA has chosen as an alternative to welding, was designed for the engine compartment and has been available for a couple of years now. For installation in the cabin the C-MEC 138 is now available, designed and built with features similar to the MEC 97, i.e., with press-fit technology and with a high level of customization.

The C-MEC 138 is ideal for new applications and for those who already use our five-way frame, with which it is perfectly interchangeable.

The C-MEC 138 has a rational design, including a base that always remains the same, connectors unconnected from the mask, and a customizable mask. Where the customer needs to change only the fuses it will keep the mask, the connectors and the existing PCB. Where the contents remain the same but there is a need to change the scheme, with a very small investment and very short lead times the PCB alone will be changed. If both the PCB and the contents do not correspond to the customer's needs, just the PCB and the mask can be redesigned. The changing of the latter, not having integrated connectors, will require a relatively simple mold, with reduced costs and time.

This first cabin compartment unit with PCB will surely be followed by others with different dimensions according to the market's demands, maybe even developing solutions that are interchangeable with the other MTA frames already used by customers.

The C-MEC 138 is perfectly interchangeable with our five-way frame.


C-MEC 138 technical data sheet

Download the technical data sheet for the specifications of this electrical center.