Power Distribution Units

MTA Power Distribution Units are studied and realized to meet OE customers needs. MTA Power Distribution Units allow power distribution and the protection of primary and non primary services. They also allow a better rationalization of loads and consequently a better layout in the engine compartment.
PDU are available in two different solutions: “hard-wired” and “stand-alone” . For the first a bus-bar solution is chosen, while for the second type MTA uses PCB technology.


Hard-wired/bussed PDUs

Power Distribution Units manufactured using wired technology and with bus bar can be supplied complete with fuses or in the multi-fuse versions.
Appropriate supports, connectors and terminals complete the range, so as to provide customers with a single interface for the whole system.



PDUs designed and developed with PCB technology offer the utmost in customization, connectivity and serviceability. They are studied in different dimensions and geometries according to customer’s needs.  PCBs can be equipped with fuses, relays, modular or single fuse holders and connector pins. The components are assembled on the PCB using press-fit and/or reflow soldering. Hybrid solutions (PCB and hard-wired) are also possible.



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Automotive Power Distribution Unit


Power Distribution Unit with bus-bar


Power Distribution Module with bus-bar


Power Distribution Centre


Power Distribution Automotive

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Power Distribution Unit