Citroën Ami: a 100% electric vehicle for new mobility

A 48 V electric unit which allows the electric motor to be powered

News – January 2023

Woe to call it a car: Citroën Ami is in fact a light quadricycle, 100% electric, drivable at the age of 14 with a moped license, and from 16 it is even possible to carry a passenger. Conceived for a new model of economic urban mobility, Citroën Ami has already met with great success with the public, also focusing on the identity and original design that each customer can choose to customize to their own taste.

To Citroën Ami, MTA supplies a 48 V off-the-shelf electric unit connected directly to the battery, which allows the electric motor to be powered. Its two outputs are protected by 60 A and 80 A MegaVal fuses and used both for power distribution and for the protection of utilities: one, in fact, is connected to the on-board AC/DC charger and to the DC/DC converter, while the second is used for the auxiliary power supply of some vehicle utilities.

Thanks to this off-the-shelf product, capable of fully satisfying the needs of Citroën Ami, the production start-up took place in less than 4 months at our plant in Kenitra, Morocco, which directly supplies that of Stellantis, located in the same area.

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