Tonale, the most technological Alfa Romeo ever

Alfa Romeo enters the age of electrification while remaining 100% faithful to its DNA of Italian sportiness.

News – January 2023

The Alfa Romeo Tonale is the brand's first electrified C-SUV and the model that marks the metamorphosis of the brand. Available with both hybrid and diesel engines, Tonale features state-of-the-art electrification systems designed specifically for the brand and its daring attitude.

For components located in the “heart” of the car, Alfa Romeo has chosen MTA, a well-established supplier that over the years has developed technological and innovative products designed for the various needs of its models.


Technology and innovation combine with the quality required to guarantee 100% safety, especially when it comes to the "primary" power distribution and services protection.

MTA has developed three power distribution units for Tonale, made at the MTA factories in the EMEA area: Italy, Slovakia and Morocco.

FRB and RB "wired" Power Distribution Units

FRB and RB are “wired” units, housed in the engine bay in a single plastic mount with cover, which allows better cable organization and the protection of the units it contains. Both the FRB and RB units come with a busbar designed using MTA Fork technology to guarantee an ideal contact surface for improved electrical/mechanical performance and heat dissipation.


The third unit is the CBA, equipped with bolt-down fuses and a terminal, for direct installation on the positive pole of the battery. 

The supply to Alfa Romeo Tonale is completed with modules fitted with MiniVal fuses and micro relays, C280 connectors and terminals.

CBA Power Distribution Unit
Alfa Romeo Tonale - © Copyright Alfa Romeo


Power Distribution Units


MTA Power Distribution Units allow power distribution and the protection of primary and non primary services.