Electromechanical unit for Dacia Duster

MTA News – September 2018


The elecromechanical unit BFT HJD for the completely renewed Dacia Duster, is the first to be mass produced with clinched fuses of the MegaCompact range (an MTA exclusive). The unit is produced in MTA Slovakia and renews the long partnership between our company and Renault, active for more than 15 years. 

BFT is mounted directly on the battery and is equipped with a horizontal battery terminal, also produced by us. Its cover is made with a Jump Start plug to allow easy access, in case the battery needs recharging.

The supply is completed by two new 2-way power connectors with lowered hook, mechanically polarized, and four F800 terminals.



MTA power distribution units

Our PDU are studied and realized to meet OE customers needs and allow power distribution and the protection of primary and non primary services.



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