Off-the-shelf Power Distribution Units

Designated for heavy duty power distribution and main electric services protection, these off-the-shelf PDUs were developed based on a modular design concept for the utmost versatility. We offer 15 modules and a variety of frames, covers and brackets to build a wide range of flexible modular solutions to house fuses, relays, or diodes. They are built to resist stress and provide reliable connections.


Waterproof Power Distribution Units

Vehicles operating around water and mud need advanced environmental protection. Our range of watertight Power Distribution Units and  modules have been developed to satisfy this need. All terminals are equipped with a grommet, and a radial silicone seal housed between the module and its cover keeps the modules secured tightly.


PCB Power Distribution Units

MEC 25, MEC 97 and C-MEC 138 are configurable Modular Electrical Centers with PCB made with press-fit. They were designed with a high level of customization and mainly for agriculture, construction, heavy duty and off-road applications.



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Waterproof 1-way MegaVal holder


Waterproof PDU 2M


Waterproof PDU 3

MEC 97

MEC 97, PCB based Modular Electrical Center

C-MEC 138

C-MEC 138, PCB based Modular Electrical Center for the cabin

Configurable PDU

Configurable PDU

5-way frame

Waterproof module