Piacenza Expo, Italy – 23-24 June 2021

Stand B16


MTA participates at the 2021 edition of ZEROEMISSION, the Italian exhibition dedicated to technologies and solutions for the promotion of renewable energies, electric mobility, electric storage, focusing on the fight against climate change, decarbonisation of electric production, and electrification of consumption.
The stand is in collaboration with EDN, a company specializing in power electronics for electric and hybrid vehicles of which MTA has recently acquired the majority of the shares.


EDN's products such as on-board battery chargers (OBC) and power converters will be on display at stand B16.
Speaking about battery chargers, EDN develops and produces prime durability, scalable and sealed solutions covering voltages up to 1000 V, easy to be integrated in the vehicles. The OBCs developed are built to resist hard environments and can be installed in any rugged application. They cover a wide range of commercial and industrial plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) or pure electric vehicles and they are suitable from small to large buses, trucks and vans, underground vehicles and more. The whole range has IP67 and IP6K9K protection rating and a galvanic isolation ensuring a definitive safety separation between the vehicle and the grid.

For the electrification of vehicles, MTA offers fuses and fuse holders, power distribution units and connectors for high voltage and 48V architectures, in addition to off-the-shelf dashboards.



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Piacenza Expo, Italy
June 23-24, 2021
Stand B16