Smart display goes to Silicon Valley

An electric sports bike with high aerodynamic efficiency, equipped with our Smart dashboard

News – December 2022

Lightning Motorcycles, a Silicon Valley company renowned for producing the best performing electric motorcycles on the market, has chosen our Smart dashboard to equip its new creation: Strike. A sports bike with powerful aesthetics and high aerodynamic efficiency that exploits a series of innovations deriving from the LS-218, the superbike of the House that holds the speed record for series electric motorcycles.

Smart is an instrument panel with 4.3” color TFT that stands out for a design that recalls that of the most recent smartphones and for the production techniques that ensure its visibility in all light conditions. The panel for Strike features customized serigraphs and some of the warning lights have been specially created taking into account the specificities of an electric vehicle. We find, for example, the light that monitors the temperature of the battery or its thermal management system, the one that signals malfunctions in the electric motor, or the one that shows when the bike is charging.

Smart was supplied with basic software then implemented by Lightning Motorcycles engineers thanks to MTA Studio, the proprietary software tool that allows manufacturers to customize dashboards, displays and electronic control units according to the specific needs of their vehicles.



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