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12" display for New Holland's latest generation of tractors


New Holland's latest generation of tractors for the NAFTA market feature a 12" onboard data display made by MTA.

These sophisticated agriculture vehicles are distinguished by an advanced package called “Precision Land Management (PLM) Intelligence”, developed by New Holland for precision farming. It is characterized by features ranging from advanced connectivity between operators, vehicles and dealers, to customizable controls, improved visibility and comfort. 

The MTA display, called IntelliView 12, integrates seamlessly with PLM precision farming solutions allowing the operator to stay connected at all times, customize screens according to the job at hand, and have machine parameters all under control and clearly visible.

IntelliView is a 12” touch display with a modern design, sleek lines reminiscent of car dashboards and an intuitive tablet-style user interface. Even in bright light, the readability of the screen is proven to be very high, thanks to treatments such as optical bonding and anti-fingerprint coating and the wide viewing angle. The display also features 4 inputs that can be connected to cameras, again with a view to ensuring maximum visibility for the operator.


Total customization

The basic software we have developed for the display is on the Android platform, which allows the development of very advanced graphics including 3D maps, then implemented by New Holland with specific applications for individual machines. The display is also totally customizable according to the given job or operator. 

In the standard operating configuration, for example, the screen is divided into four main areas:
• The top bar allows the operator to access tractor and operation settings. 
• The run screens are located on the bottom bar and are customizable and always accessible. 
• The main part of the screen is composed of the userselected run screens, which show key parameters related to the task at hand. 
• The left-hand side is another user definable window, which contains primary operating parameters such as fuel rate and slip.


The IntelliView 12 display is also available on the T8 Genesis tractor in Europe, launched in 2019 to the public during Agritechnica, the International Trade Fair for the Agricultural Industry in Hannover.



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