The infotainment gets onboard

A modular and scalable in-vehicle infotainment system developed jointly by MTA and Italdesign

News – January 2021

The infotainment system developed jointly by MTA and Italdesign stands out for its great modularity and scalability. It is in fact made up of identical control units communicating with each other, thanks also to the connection via Ethernet, with the aim of ensuring maximum computational capacity. The number of control units used for each system depends on the number of displays that the customer wishes to pilot: we can therefore speak of an adaptable and customizable system.

Each control unit uses a latest generation multicore microprocessor by Texas Instruments, which stands out for its high computational power, and is based on an open-source Android platform.

One of the great advantages of this system is its ability to host third party software.

Infotainment for car Italdesign
Infotainment Italdesign
Infotainment Italdesign for car

The application software and user experience integrated into the system are the result of the work of Italdesign, which has established a real competence center dedicated to infotainment, the Concept Lab: a multidisciplinary environment in which analyses and studies focused on the human-machine interface are carried out. Various software applications for the system have been developed in the center, for example the one that can recognize the user thanks to a camera, thus ensuring a personalized driving experience. In the software, Italdesign has also implemented a version of Alexa Auto, the Amazon service that allows the presence of functions related to voice commands too.

Italdesign has created a demo to show to potential customers. The demo hosts three 12.1" full TFT multi-touch displays produced by MTA and used as dashboard, central and passenger side displays.

The speed and effectiveness of the project confirm the will of the two companies to continue the collaboration on other future developments.