Next generation displays

Giotto and Leonardo displays, towards a new era with an important upgrade.

News – January 2023

Giotto and Leonardo have been first choice customizable displays for manufacturers of agricultural and earth-moving vehicles for many years now.

Today the two successful displays have been upgraded and based on the Linux operating system and the Qt framework.

No need to recode
With the new version of Giotto and Leonardo featuring Linux and Qt tools, OEMs have the possibility to reuse some existing applications on MTA hardware without the need to recode them from scratch.

Software advantages
Thanks to Qt, the new displays will enable future-proof and best-performing applications’ development.

Hardware for tough environments
Giotto and Leonardo are built to resist the rugged conditions and harsh environments typical of construction applications.



Customizable Instrument Clusters & Displays


The range of customizable products includes 7 instrument clusters and 3 displays.