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Press review: Coronavirus

Covid-19 impact on the production site in Codogno seen by the international press.


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3 April 2020


Supporting the families in need during the coronavirus crisis
This period is marking the life of all of us. The pain of the disease that has affected many families often goes hand in hand with economic difficulties to cope with daily needs.
MTA, in thanking all the collaborators who worked in conditions that are not always easy, also accepting some sacrifices, decides to give financial support to families in difficulty, donating € 60,000 distributed among the Municipality and Caritas of Codogno, and Caritas of Rolo.



30 March 2020


A big part of MTA offices still remain closed, but all our departments continue their work at home giving continued support to all clients and suppliers.



18 March 2020


Supporting the coronavirus crisis
In memory of Eng. Umberto Falchetti, remembering his generous impulses  and sure to fulfill his wish, MTA donated € 200,000 among the hospitals of Codogno, Cremona and Piacenza and the Red Cross of Rolo with the aim of giving them a little help to cope with the needs and difficulties that the coronavirus emergency has provoked and is still provoking in recent weeks.
We hope that everything will end quickly and we renew our due thanks to those who, with a spirit of sacrifice, absolute and selfless dedication, are working for the good of others even at the risk of their lives.



13 March 2020


After a total shut down of our production activities in Codogno during week 9 and a little restart during week 10, we inform you that, to start from Monday 9th March, 70% of the Production and Logistics Departments have started operating. Instead, only a very limited number of people have returned to the Offices. Most part is in smart working: we have almost 200 VPNs to stay connected to all MTA customized softwares.



2 March 2020


We are happy to inform that our production, although at a lower capacity, has started working again.
Offices still remain closed but all Sales, Purchase, R&D, Industrialization and Customer Service people continue their work at home giving continued support to all clients and suppliers.



24 February 2020


Covid-19 impact on the production site in Codogno
MTA has been forced to close its Codogno production plant from today to date to be defined, to follow the Roberto Speranza’s (Italian Minister of Health) Regulations in agreement with Attilio Fontana’s President of the Lombardia Region. The closure of the Codogno production site, which employs about 600 workers, represents an important damage for the company that serves the main OEMs globally. Not delivering the goods will, in fact, cause the stop of the three production lines of FCA Mirafiori, Cassino, Melfi and those of Sevel already as of February 26. From March 2, all the other FCA plants in Europe and those of Renault, BMW and Peugeot will close too. Should the forced closure arrangement persist, other manufacturers such as Iveco, CNH and Same would be involved, just to name a few, with irreparable consequences for the company and the staff employed.

In such a context, with the utmost respect for initiatives aimed at limiting the spread of the virus, MTA asked to the relevant authorities to be able to allow 10% of its workforce (approximately 60 people) to return to production activities. The return would take place on a large covered area of 40,000 square meters and subject to daily verification of the health status of each worker, with regard to the symptoms and signs of COVID-19. MTA has already dealt with the COVID-19 emergency in its Chinese production plant in Shanghai, and therefore knows all the procedures necessary to continue producing in total safety of its workers.

The partial resumption of MTA Codogno's activities would allow the company to be able to carry out deliveries within the timescales imposed by customers, allowing the Italian and foreign factories of vehicle manufacturers, with whom it collaborates, not to interrupt the production lines, avoiding additional burdens from an economic and social point of view.


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