Customizable Instrument Clusters & Displays


Off-the-shelf customizable dashboards, displays and ECUs are increasingly popular in today’s market. They help to reduce research and development costs and timelines for new products.
They also allow significant economies of scale thanks to the use of the same hardware for different platforms, and to the software that can be customized for every single application.

The development and production of all the electronic devices by MTA are entirely carried out in MTA Rolo, a company-owned Italian facility working with forefront modelling, simulation and graphic generation systems.



Application fields


Ready to go electric

In recent years, electric vehicles boom continues to heat up and the displays and the dashboards have to change accordingly. They have to retain the partial display of the original traditional vehicle and show a number of different indicators specific for EVs.
The customization facility of our OTS Dashboards and Displays range, provides the easiest and quickest solution to this need, transforming a “normal” instrument panel in a panel for purely electric vehicles.



Tailor your device through MTA Studio or Android Studio, according to your wish


Develop the software application for all the MTA devices with MTA Studio or extend the standard Android Studio features with MTA Speedy Creator.