Revo Plus dashboard for 5120 Başak tractor

MTA News – July 2019


MTA announces the supply of its Revo Plus dashboard to the recently marketed Başak 5120 tractor. With this supply, MTA consolidates and expands its cooperation with the Turkish Group Sanko, being the Revo Plus dashboard mounted on MST Backhoe loaders too.

Revo Plus is MTA’s top-of-the-line dashboard programmed with MTA Studio®, a proprietary software for the customization of displays, dashboards and control units, that allowed Başak to tailor the device to the specific needs of its 5120 tractor application. Revo Plus is a complete dashboard that combines the modern look of a striking 4.3” color TFT display with several indicator lights and the more traditional analog indicators. It also features a video input, that can be connected to a video camera installed on the tractor. The product for Başak comes with a dedicated screen printing and a customized configuration of the dashboard and of the warning lights. Revo Plus stands out for its high protection rating, which makes it perfect for agriculture applications: IP66 for the front side and IP65 for the rear. Special anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection treatments allow moreover for a perfect visibility, even with direct sun light.

MTA’s support to Başak was at different levels during all phases of product development, starting from the identification of the optimal dashboard within MTA’s offer to the programming of the device through MTA Studio® by Başak staff, with hours of dedicated training. 

Zafer Özbalaban, Research and Development Director from Başak, explained the reasons behind the choice: “Revo Plus is very helpful in informing the operator about all the functions of the tractor through personalized symbols or warnings and it is especially appreciated that the visual of our tractor is displayed when switching on the cluster. We are very thankful to the Turkish MTA team who supported us in the selection of the functions to be displayed on the cluster, replied quickly to all our requests and often visited us during the development phase of the 5120 tractor.” 



We are very thankful to the Turkish MTA team who supported us during the development phase of the 5120 tractor.

Zafer Özbalaban ( Research and Development Director from Başak)


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