MTA honoured by FCA as 2020 Supplier of the Year for the EMEA region

MTA News – December 2020


MTA was named “FCA Supplier of the Year” during the "EMEA 2020 Supplier Conference”, held in Turin on December 14th 2020.

The first supplies to Fiat by MTA began in 1966 and still today the Codogno company represents a strategic supplier for FCA, for the EMEA, LATAM and APAC markets. It is not the first time that MTA earns a Qualitas Award, received in 1997 and 2006 for EMEA supplies and in 2012 and 2020 for LATAM supplies, in the categories "Innovation" and "Electricity".

This year MTA was recognised with the event's most important award, which identifies it as "FCA Supplier of The Year". FCA assessed the performance of suppliers in terms of quality, innovation, development management, proactiveness, commitment and punctuality in the continuity of service. The choice fell on MTA and the reasons behind were: “For the outstanding commitment to FCA and the great support to our manufacturing plants during the first critical wave of Covid-19 pandemic that strongly impacted MTA plant located in Codogno. MTA has shown a remarkable customer-oriented approach and great sense of urgency”.


“We are honored to have received the award as Supplier of the Year 2020, in recognition of our assiduous support to FCA”, said Antonio Falchetti, CEO MTA Group. “As a leading technology company, MTA is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and high-quality products, always with a strong focus on being flexible and on timely deliveries to customers”.

We bear in mind all the difficulties that characterized 2020 and which still cause severe inconvenience today and let's not forget that Codogno, where the MTA Headquarters are located, was the first municipality forced to lockdown due to the pandemic on February 21st 2020.

“The memory of those days is still alive: the fear of contagion, the need to continue to ensure supplies to each of our customers, made us live really difficult moments. I fought to get MTA to reopen and with me every person who works in the Company, at all levels. We have shown that we firmly believe in a single goal, that we can overcome even difficult times like these, and we must be proud of it” adds Antonio Falchetti and concludes: “I would like to dedicate this award to my father, Umberto Falchetti, who passed away 9 months ago. As President of the MTA Group, he has always been by my side in my twenty years of managing the company and I am sure he would be proud today of this important recognition from FCA”.



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