PDUs for 48 V Jaguar Land Rover electrical architectures

MTA has designed two power distribution units for the new mild hybrid models of Jaguar Land Rover cars

News – October 2021

Thanks to the decades-long know-how that has seen MTA design and produce many power distribution units for the main OEMs, Jaguar Land Rover too found in the company the right partner to develop 2 units, the FMVJB and the RMVJB, dedicated to the 48 V electrical architectures of the Mild Hybrids from its luxury brands. 

The FMVJB power distribution unit is supplied to JLR in 4 different variants which differ in the population of fuses or in the fixing points. Through a complex system of co-moulding between the bus bars and the plastics, the interfaces for the direct plug-in of the connectors are created. The FMVJB is fitted to 48 V models from Defender, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar and F-Pace. 

The RMVJB power distribution unit is supplied to Jaguar Land Rover in a single variant capable of covering all 48V applications of the Range Rover Evoque and E-Pace models, in addition to some models on which the other unit is mounted. 

The FMVJB is produced in MTA Slovakia and, thanks to the presence of plug-in connectors that allow a direct connection, is supplied to the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Nitra. The RMVJB, on the other hand, is assembled by MTA Morocco and supplied to the JLR wiring harness suppliers. 
Thanks to this supply, the MTA Codogno, MTA Slovakia and MTA Morocco factories have all been homologated by Jaguar Land Rover. 

The two distribution units supplied to JLR represent further confirmation of the increasing presence of MTA in medium voltage applications and the importance of its global footprint, which allows the company to promptly serve customers where they require it.