Leonardo, a customizable display based on Android for off-highway applications

MTA News – December 2018


Leonardo is the off-the-shelf display whose software can be easily personalized by the customer according to the specific needs of the off-highway machines it is installed on. Leonardo can be used as a stand-alone device, and in this case it also acts as a dashboard, but it can also be incorporated in an electronic system that includes other displays or dashboards.
Leonardo's software can be customized using Android Studio, a software environment that is aimed at the most expert programmers and that allows customers to develop complex, refined graphics. To make programming as user friendly as possible, MTA has developed a proprietary Android plug-in called Speedy Creator that makes available specific functions and graphics of the agricultural world, allowing quick, simple development of applications.
Leonardo can also be programmed by OEMs using MTA Studio, another software tool that was developed in-house and that is easy to use even by those who are not experts, ideal when the application does not require elaborate graphics.


A specific hardware for working in all conditions
Leonardo has a large screen, a 12.1" TFT color touchscreen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels that makes it ideal for all those off-highway applications where it is necessary to simultaneously display several different parameters related to the machine and the equipment connected to it. The multitouch screen (up to 10 points) with the latest generation touch controller also makes it very reliable and extremely accurate even when the operator uses gloves.
The large size, the high resolution and the high luminous intensity give Leonardo a very high visibility, even with intense direct light. Moreover, Leonardo undergoes an optical bonding treatment that involves a special technique that completely eliminates the air between the display and the screen, thereby minimising glare. Finally, the glass used for the screen is anti-glare and anti-fingerprint.
MTA also paid particular attention to the materials and construction methods employed on Leonardo to make sure that the display remained highly robust and reliable over time, extremely resistant to vibrations and high temperatures, as well as ensuring an IP66 degree of protection.

Developed for off-highway applications, Leonardo has a large 12.1" TFT color touchscreen and can be customized using Android Studio.
Version 1.0 Preliminary of the Leonardo technical data sheet is now available to download on our website www.mta.it/en/resources.



Customizable Instrument Clusters & Displays

Different dimensions and shapes for an easily configurable product range, featuring elegant design and modern lines with deep attention to safety details, such as anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint treatments, guaranteeing perfect visibility.



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