The safety power distribution unit “Pyro” for Renault

A power distribution unit for the hybrid cars Clio, Captur and Mégane

News – November 2021

MTA renews its long partnership with Renault, active for almost 20 years, thanks to the development of a new power distribution unit, named “Pyro”.

For some Renault vehicles, such as Clio HEV, Captur PHEV and Mégane PHEV, MTA developed a 14 V power distribution unit composed of an output with a 200 A fuse, an output with a 40 A fuse and a pyroswitch on the 200 A fuse line. The unit is connected to the main 12 V battery.

The pyroswitch is a disconnecting device operated by a signal coming from the airbag control unit in the event of an accident. Its intervention stops the power supply to the electrical components powered by the 200 A fuse, while the electrical utilities powered by the 40 A fuse remain active since they can help reducing the time for the assistance of the vehicle occupants in some accidents.

The “Pyro” units are now supplied to Renault in 4 models which differ in the terminal or the battery terminal they mount.

The “Pyro” units are produced in MTA Kenitra plant (Morocco) and supplied directly to Renault.