An Idea for Antonio Carraro

News – December 2023

More and more vehicle manufacturers are finding the right product for their needs among our selection of off-the-shelf dashboards and displays. This was the case for Antonio Carraro, a company specializing in the production of tractors for agriculture, which recently decided to partner with us. Its choice fell on Idea, a dashboard for the new Tony V 8900, an original specialized tractor whose superior technology makes it perfect for working in narrow rows.

Idea is a small, very sturdy IP66-rated dashboard. Information from the tractor or any connected equipment is displayed via a 7” TFT beside which we find 18 LED warning lights, whose symbols and colors have been customized for Antonio Carraro through a dedicated screen printing.

Thanks to the user-friendliness of the MTA Studio® tool and the constant support of our electronic technicians, Antonio Carraro implemented the basic software we provided in order to adapt its features to the specific operational needs of the vehicle.



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