Agri SIC: an “electronic heart” for a multi-display system

News – October 2022

MTA presents its complete in-vehicle system specifically developed for off-highway applications and recently awarded with “Mention EIMA 2022”.

Agri SIC is an integrated vehicle platform that gathers all the computing power in a central intelligent unit able to handle and control dashboard and displays in the cabin. This architecture gives the ability to dynamically move graphics applications to the preferred display, achieving a high degree of user configurability and sharing information and data across multiple screens from a single central processing unit.

Agri SIC is an innovative product from the point of view of architecture and design that follows the trends of the auto industry, while ensuring that high resistance to the stresses typical of the off-highway sector. Even in the agricultural and earthmoving market, customers are demanding solutions that "replicate" the user experience of tablets. They are also looking for high-quality displays with a strong aesthetic appeal that are particularly thin and small in size compared to traditional displays with integrated logic. These features are ensured by the central unit containing all the computing power.

The presence of this ‘electronic heart’ makes the displays and the central dashboard become separate devices on the system. This peculiarity is worth underlining because it enables OEMs to easily replace the displays in the transition from one vehicle application to another or to make significant changes over time to the terminals and introduce new features and functions in line with a rapidly evolving market, without changing the "core" of the system.


The central unit of the MTA system has been developed based on a flexible and powerful architecture, making use a multicore microprocessor with a high computing power and it is distinguished by a fast boot time and a multi-level security architecture.
The unit can handle up to four full HD displays inside the vehicle, as well as collect and convey the information coming from the vehicle, and the images from cameras through BroadR-Reach technology.

Agri SIC is based on a very flexible Linux software architecture, an open system that allows the unit to be developed according to the specific needs of the customer’s application, supporting for example ISOBUS. However, such flexibility does not come at the expense of compliance with stringent software development standards, as MTA is working on its infotainment systems according to the Automotive Spice process required by leading OEMs.



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