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Innovative head-up display solution

MTA News – November 2019


MTA is introducing during Agritechnica 2019 a head-up-display (HUD) system, suitable for agriculture applications too, with 2 different projection modes.

Both systems developed by MTA’s electronic division feature laser projectors, a multicolor one with a Microlens Array screen and an ultraviolet one with a luminescent screen.
The images coming from the 2 projectors are focused on the windscreen, on a wide viewing area. This offers a greater freedom of movement to the operator, still having a perfect view.

MTA has equipped a show cab in its booth at Agritechnica where visitors can experience the performance of the new HUDs. In the Cab there also is the SIC, an evolved system where an intelligent central unit, based on a flexible and powerful architecture, can handle up to 4 displays, as well as collect and convey the information coming from the vehicle, the images from cameras and from wireless connectivity.
MTA’s SIC can also house a Surround View function which, thanks to the use of 4 digital cameras and a signal processing software, ensures 360° view of the surrounding environment.



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Inside the cab

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