Idea for Dieci

MTA supplies the display for Dieci telehandlers for agriculture and construction

News – December 2021

MTA announces the beginning of the collaboration with Dieci, a leading company in the production of vehicles for construction and agriculture applications, thanks to the delivery of Idea, the off-the-shelf dashboard that can be customized using the proprietary software tool MTA Studio. Idea will equip the Agri Max and Agri Plus telehandlers, used in agriculture, and the Apollo Smart for the construction industry.


MTA Studio’s ease of use allowed Dieci to develop its software totally inhouse after some simple training by MTA engineers, making it possible for the customization to achieve its maximum potential both in graphics and operational logic. For example, the bars on the right-hand side of the Idea display have been programmed by Dieci as anti-tip indicators, a feature that allows this safety function to be incorporated into the dashboard for maximum efficiency. Moreover, thanks to the large memory and features provided by MTA Studio, the 7” TFT will display an image of the machine with a level of detail and depth that’s practically 3D. On the right side of the TFT, 4 buttons are present for screen navigation.

The TFT of Idea is glued to the glass using optical bonding that, together with the mineral glass cover with anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch surface, ensure excellent visibility in all conditions.
Idea is a very rugged instrument with IP66 protection degree, making it perfect for the uses of Dieci telehandlers; it can be powered both at 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc and it is used by Dieci in landscape mode. 

The partnership between MTA and Dieci is destined to become even stronger over time thanks to the use of the Idea dashboard on other machines that the manufacturer will launch in the coming years.

Dieci Agri Max, the telehandler for agriculture