A new instrument panel for an iconic motorcycle

MTA supplies a circular dashboard for the new iconic R 18

News – February 2021

MTA’s instrument panel has a classic design and small size – 95 mm in diameter. It consists of a speedometer with pointers, 11 warning lights and an LCD display for viewing other parameters and configuration menus.
The small size of the cluster required an important exercise in technique and style by MTA, considering that the instrument must house, in addition to what has already been mentioned, also its support and the stepper motor for the movement of the pointer. Always to satisfy the rigorous stylistic dictates of the Bavarian company and to give the dashboard a particularly elegant design, MTA had to make sure that the warning lights and the LCD were "invisible" when the display was off.

The instrument panel is closed by a glass in plastic material subjected to anti-fog and anti-reflective treatments that ensure maximum visibility in all weather conditions.
The ring surrounding the dashboard is of great aesthetic impact, made of chromed metal alloy that well matches with the numerous chromed surfaces on the cruiser. BMW Motorrad has foreseen that the ring can be replaced if damaged or scratched: it can in fact be removed by dealers in the aftermarket. The ring is equipped with an O-ring and mechanical hooks that allow replacement without compromising the degree of protection IP6K9K.
The instrument panel of the R 18 is driven by an external control unit via LIN BUS which allows easier customization of some functions, without having to intervene on the dashboard.

MTA dashboard for the BMW R 18