The exclusive digital clock and several electric products for Maserati Grecale

News – April 2022

MTA announces the supply of a series of products to Maserati Grecale, the new SUV of the House of the Trident that had its world premiere on March 22nd.

In the center of the car's dashboard, we find the digital clock developed for Maserati by the MTA electronics division headquartered in Rolo. With an elegant and exclusive design, it displays the images specially generated by the infotainment system thanks to a high resolution 1.6” TFT (200ppi) enclosed by a chrome ring. The driver can access different screens, with contents related to the clock, the compass, the accelerometer and to performance, the latter used to display the key parameters of the car.


As regards the power distribution and the protection of main appliances, several components developed by the electric division of MTA are installed in the engine compartment of Maserati Grecale, such as the FRB distribution unit and two modular fuse and relay holders, as well as a 2-way power distribution node with jump start. The correct positioning of the FRB and the modules is ensured by plastic supports, capable of optimizing the layout and guaranteeing an optimal degree of protection. The luggage compartment houses the FRB-RB distribution unit, as well as a fuse/relay holder, for which MTA developed a plastic frame that makes installation easier, with attention to the layout of the rear wiring. Always for the luggage compartment, where the battery is installed, MTA supplies its proven CBA distribution unit, fixed to the positive pole by means of a screw battery terminal.

The supply to Maserati Grecale confirms the long-term partnership with this brand worldwide recognized as a symbol of excellence in the engine applications, and for which MTA has developed several and innovative products over the years.