Here comes the Idea

The new customizable dashboard

MTA News – October 2019


The family of off-the-shelf electronic products that can be customized using MTA Studio® software has grown with the addition of Idea.

Idea is a dashboard designed for the specific needs of the off-highway sector, also usable as a display and available in both portrait and landscape versions. Despite its small size (291 x 139 x 45 mm), Idea is a very robust device with IP 66 protection and can be powered with 12 V and 24 V, making it perfect for heavy-duty applications. The parameters of the machine or of the equipment connected to it are displayed on a 7" TFT glued to the front glass using optical bonding. In addition to a mineral glass cover with anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch surface, this process ensures excellent visibility in all conditions. In order to ensure maximum operational safety, around the TFT we find 18 high-efficiency LED indicators, 14 of which have diagnostic functions. 8 lights have a redundant control circuit and 2 lights can be externally controlled via 2 digital inputs, thus isolating them from any malfunction of the dashboard. Symbols and light colors can also be customized by the customer, asking our company to produce personalized screen printing. On the side there are 4 rubber buttons designed to activate features selectable via software by the customer, always with a view to maximum customization. Also noteworthy is the presence of 1 video input for connection to an analog camera, a connector for Broad-Reach Ethernet, to a possible digital camera, and BLE to allow the display of information from specialized apps.



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