A Smart dashboard for e.GO Life

MTA News – July 2019


An important player in the new mobility market, e.GO Mobile, a German based manufacturer of electric cars, has decided to rely on our Smart dashboard for its e.GO Life, a 4-seated electric city car offered in 3 different versions, differing in power and range features.

Our dashboard was chosen by the OEM thanks to its compactness, modern lines and the ability to support 2.5D graphics similar to those of videogames; all features that perfectly meet the modern and high-tech style of this innovative car.

MTA Studio, our software for the customization of electronic devices, was equally decisive for the choice, thanks to its flexibility that allowed e.GO Mobile engineers to tailor the device to the specific needs of the application. 


We have asked directly Daniel Franze (e.GO Senior Manager Electric/Electronic) to explain us how our software together with dedicated electronics team has supported e.GO during the development phase. 

“MTA Studio”, said Daniel Franze, “met all our needs to create a functional and visual appealing cluster instrument. With MTA Studio in our hands we have a tool which is easy to learn and enables us to create a customised User Interface. 

At first, I want to mention the easy to use management tools to define and set up the in- or outputs whether we are talking about the CAN Interface or the physical I/O’s, analog or digital. All necessary parameters can be edited in a Graphical User Interface and results in an automatic generated code. This has the advantage that a change in a parameter doesn’t result in a complete redo of a certain part of the code but just in a reconfiguration in the Graphical User Interface of MTA Studio. The task creation and management were also fast manageable with all the necessary parameters in one place.

Next to the information created in the application an important thing is the User Interface itself. The path which was chosen here by the creators of MTA Studio is what you see is what you get. This makes it easy, even for people who have never created a User Interface and enables them to fill it with life as well. We were thus able to create the complete dashboard including setting menus in one device which is controlled by an external CAN device. All relevant data is also provided from external sources and could be embedded fast and easy. 

During the complete development we kept close in touch with the development team of MTA Studio to include more specific functionalities in the BSP library such as for example a global alpha value for the graphic elements to implement fading effects with one single image. If any questions occurred the response was really fast.”



All in all I’m really happy that we went with MTA and had the opportunity to create our own dashboard software to have the flexibility and a fast response to new requirements.

Daniel Franze (e.GO Senior Manager Electric/Electronic)


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