Zip is a 3.5” TFT with anti-reflection treatment. Its compact size as well as the IP67 degree of protection make it perfect for use on small off-highway work machines. Zip has the function of displaying the machine parameters that you always want to be available. Using an optional connection to an external keyboard the operator can then also manage several preset menus.
On the back of the display there are different points of attachment, as well as the possibility of connecting an optional RAM mount; a Gore-Tex valve to allow air circulation; an 8-way connector for CAN network connection; and connectors for various analog and digital inputs.



- Dimensions: 116 x 116 x 47 mm
- 3.5" color TFT LCD 320 x 240 pixel
- Power supply: 12 Vdc (9-16 Vdc) and 24 Vdc (18-32 Vdc)
- Protection degree: IP67
- 3 inputs
- 1 CAN bus interface
- Connector: Molex 8 pins



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