MTA Core Simulator

MTA Core Simulator is a tool that allows to simulate & debug your MTA Studio application directly on your PC


Main benefits are:
• Support of a complete debug environment
• You can start to develop and test the application without a real target
• Hardware virtualization allow to play with your configuration without harness
• Simulation of run time behavior
• Real ECU software runs on PC
•  Fully integrated with MTA Studio

"Simulation mode" is designed to help not skilled software engineers to easily understand how the application is working.
"Debugger mode" is designed for C programmers that need a powerful debug environment.



USB dongles

Code protection using HASP USB dongle to prevent unauthorized access. 
The dongles allow the end user to unlock on the same PC all the MTA development and configuration tools.



Customize your device with MTA Core Simulator

MTA Core Simulator can be used for all the customizable instrument clusters, displays and electronic control units.



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