Electrical Tests

As far as the electromechanical components are concerned, the MTA lab features 4 DC supply units with double linear regulation to check the currently produced fuse melt time and resistance to variable stress. A user-friendly programming interface allows importing measurements from an oscilloscope and progressively stressing components for a preset number of cycles. Meanwhile, a data acquisition system allows detecting temperature and voltage of samples so as to directly compare and analyse the results. The lab equipment range is topped with 6 other power supply units, more than 50 stand-alone and programmable channels for electronic loads, 2 precision, two-channel power supply units, 6 multichannel DAQ systems with up to 20 multi-purpose channels, 2 milliohmmeters, 2 HV equipment of up to 40 kV and 3 ATE benches to perform complex electrical tests and life tests.

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