Control Systems

MTA's ECU are manufactured according to high quality standard in a  highly qualified production site. They are produced in a ESD free area, (ElectroStatic Discharge free), i.e. equipped with special devices that prevent the build-up of electrostatics on people to avoid discharging static electricity to electronic components when handling them. A highly advanced tracking system has been put in place in the production department. Cutting edge hardware and software systems like those used by world leading electronic component manufacturers ensure traceability for each individual component installed in each product. The ECU are studied and manufactured for many different functions: from the unit  which drives the internal lights of a vehicle to the unit which activates the electronic roof. This last one drives the electrical motors and reads the sensors to manage the safety algorithms related to safety roof opening and closing. MTA manufactures also, among many others, the Electronic Unit with “FAST STEER” function, the Electronic Units to manage the vehicle transmission clutches, the 4 wheel drive functions and the driving tools, the Electronic Unit for the conversion to CNG or LPG of a gasoline engine. This one can manage all the necessary signals of the vehicle and drives gas injectors or stepper motor in order to meet the best mix from air and gas.