MTA Gate

MTA Gate is a specific tool designed for EOL department and/or for technical service points use


Application logic

• Software programming and update: MTA Gate allows to transfer a software generated by MTA Studio to all devices. The “Hardware Variant ID” and “Customer ID” prevent misuse and/or wrong software updates.
• Parameters setting: possibility to read and write EEPROM parameters on devices.
• Access to device services: to take advantage of software application utilities such as stepper motor calibration.
• Parameters map import from MTA Studio.
• MTA Gate can be used by standard Windows GUI or command-line for EOL process automation purposes.
• MTA Gate license distribution through USB dongle.



USB dongles

Code protection using HASP USB dongle to prevent unauthorized access. 
The dongles allow the end user to unlock on the same PC all the MTA development and configuration tools.



Customize your device with MTA Gate

MTA Gate can be used for all the customizable instrument clusters, displays and electronic control units.



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